The History of the Winery

The Falcone winery's growth trajectory began in the 1960s, thanks to the vision of founder Ponziano Falcone, a father of four who returned from a hard working experience in Latin America, in Venezuela, in the 1950s. Today, these vineyards, all his own, have been partly renovated by his sons, and stretch along the slopes between Ari and Vacri, two hillside towns in the province of Chieti, joined in the district of Pianagrande. Still back from abroad, Fausto Falcone, a young entrepreneur who still believes in the value of his roots, of his own land, took over the company after two generations. The grapes are harvested according to ancient traditions: exclusively by hand, with the utmost care, processed in the winery, combining innovation with tradition. The ingredients of a quality wine for our company are experience, knowledge, the selection of the best grapes, the control of the production phases, the advice of a nationally renowned oenologist, Romeo Taraborelli, and finally passion and love.
A passion for wine that has lasted for generations, from the lands of Abruzzo to your home

ABOUT USThe Agricola Estate Falcone Fausto

Our interest is to be able to offer our wines, having the certainty that we have reached, after years of hard work and investments, a level that can satisfy a wide public of connoisseurs of good, excellent and quality wine. Our company is completely family run, we have a current volume of 50.000 bottles/year and we offer wines in organic conversion.

Our Wines